Veteran hiring has been a hot topic for several years now. As yet another recognized diversity segment presents unique challenges for Human Resources linkage and outreach, sometimes the best solution is to search for a partner that can provide strategic solutions and fulfillment when you need it and only when you need it. Not every organization can hire full time teams of dedicated professionals whose sole responsibility is hiring veterans for your organization. At the same time, as the government declares new regulations pursuant to veteran hiring and more and more organizations are recognizing the unique skills and attributes these candidates present, organizations are realizing the true ROI available to committing some level of resources to this end.

If this is your situation and your budget doesn’t allow for full recruitment outsourcing or contingent hiring, consulting services might be the best path. These services can provide niche, strategic solutions and allow you to be in full control of the service cost. Our consultants are available at pre-determined hourly rates and can provide a host of services tailored to the unique needs and challenges facing your team.