Have an impending deadline, a natural need for seasonal help or looking to quickly up grade your organization? Staffing solutions might fit perfectly within your organization.

Contract and Contract-to-Hire also allows our corporate partners to engage and understand top Veteran talent before bringing them on as full time team members. Many transitioning military members have a difficult time adapting to their first civilian job once they decide to transition. Often times these highly sought after candidates will have multiple job offers before deciding on one and then, once they get to their new job, they discover it’s not quite what they expected it to be. It never is.

It’s a stark transition from the ranks of the military to civilian employment. Often many of those newly transitioned will look back to the various job offers they had and inevitably leave their first job within the first year. By bringing these talented men and women on to your team on a Contract-to-Hire basis you alleviate the risk of an early departure while also providing these candidates the appropriate exposure to your company culture, way of life and industry. This approach ensures the right fit for all parties.

  • Access to the largest community of active job seeking veterans
  • Expert Veteran recruiters matching the right candidates to your organization
  • Outreach in to a robust network of professionals who influence military members before they transition
  • Control costs associated with ineffective hiring
  • Improve Veteran new hire attrition, engagement and productivity