In my day-to-day work at Veteran Talent Advisors, as I navigate from phone call to phone call and from one client visit to the next,I confront a common misconception. Many clients assume that our organization, one directly focused on finding employers interested in hiring military Veterans, would be classified as a non-profit.  That assumption is typically followed by the assumption that Veteran Talent Advisors works free of charge.

Sadly, for those with this expectation, we are a for-profit company.  Intentionally. Happily, working as a for-profit corporation allows us to deliver a level of value that most non-profits can’t match.

Here’s what I explain: we do not, and will not, accept any type of grant or assistance from any government or tax-collected source of capital.  We do not, and will not, accept any level of donation from either corporate or individual sponsors.  We generate revenue through one avenue only: by providing value to our clients.

Our clients want high caliber employees who can fit seamlessly into their culture and become a long-term asset to their team.  We believe that military Veterans provide this to our clients, and by identifying high caliber Veteran talent, we provide a valuable service to our clients. Our clients see a business case for paying for our services: we deliver outstanding employees who happen to be Veterans. We choose to spend our time delivering value to our clients and finding meaningful employment for the greatest number of Veterans possible, rather than soliciting donations or grants.

There are non-profit Veteran placement firms out there, and they’re not bad or wrong in any way. Their work is largely very positive. However, our work is fundamentally very different because we’re client-focused. As a result, are able to help the maximum number of Veterans, year in and year out. At Veteran Talent Advisors, we believe that restructuring as a non-profit would actually result in us assisting fewer Veterans and clients, so we choose to remain a for-profit entity focused on delivering services that clients value and are willing to pay for.